We share our passion for technology

NAeS solutions was established in Milan in 2002, by an organic core team of designers and experts in the field of networking and telecommunications. Today, it boasts a wide portfolio of projects that in many cases represent the state-of-the-art in our country.

Building on the momentum of its ongoing positive growth, our company is now firmly investing in people and know-how.


An open mind and a steady hand 

NAeS solutions focuses on four areas of choice: creation of Data Centers in its entirety, TCP/IP network infrastructure, Building Automation and Domotics, and the building physical security.

NAeS solutions is present on the market with global services covering every aspect of these types of projects, from consultancy to implementation, from technical support to maintenance.


Excellence, achieved through communication 

Our goal is to engage with our Customers based on their actual needs, working alongside them in a high-level partnership, reducing the complexity of systems and technologies and making their use simple and their cost sustainable.

Our values:

• Technical excellence of solutions, in terms of both design and implementation.

• Careful management of allocated financial resources, enhancing the value of infrastructures and maximizing the return on investment.

• Recommending efficient solutions, also in the long-term, providing all pre-and after-sales services and ensuring productive plant management.

• Constant dialogue with our Customers in a climate of collaboration and mutual professional esteem.  

Market areas

We know your world almost as well as you do


In recent years, NAeS solutions has gained an in-depth knowledge of plant engineering in different manufacturing sectors. It is able to intervene in these areas with an awareness of the critical variables on which system efficiency and sustainability really depend. 

Our specialists are organized in teams led by experts in the field. These teams identify solutions meeting our Customers' needs, with projects conforming fully to regulations, with particular attention to the cost/benefit ratio.

Market sectors: 

• Hotel and tourism infrastructure
• Insurance, credit and finance
• Large-scale distribution
• Industry
• Public administration
• Health
• Schools and universities
• Service companies

Technological Partners

The winner is the one who bets on the best horses

Over the years NAeS solutions has refined its technical and business relationships with the best market players in various areas of technological expertise. This approach also makes it possible to develop complex projects, guaranteeing the choice of the most suitable product for the solution required.

Brands offered:

Cisco Systems
Emerson Network Power
Fluke Networks
General Electric
HP Networking
OSI Rosenberger
Tyco Electronics


A good reputation is not improvised

As a result of combining values such as competence, professionalism and competitiveness, NAeS solutions' list of references includes names that crop up frequently over the years. Success stories of people who have shared their needs, professionalism and passion. 

Certification and Authorizations

Quality is not something that just happens   

Respect for current legislation in the various technological sectors and its Quality policy have always been of prime importance to the Company and its professional resources.

For Customers, working safely whilst guaranteeing organization and planning is synonymous with reliability and feasibility.

Our certifications and authorizations:

• IQNET Certificate No. IT-28254 and ICIM Certificate No. 2797/3 issued on 13/11/2003 and  renewed on 28/12/2012 – Management system pursuant to UNI EN ISO standard 9001:2008, evaluated in accordance with Technical regulation RT-05 relating to the following EA codes: 28-19.

• Level 2 Ministerial Authorization MI/1296 relating to the installation, connection and testing of internal Telecommunication systems dated 03/04/2012 issued by the Ministry of Economic Development and Communication. Law 109 of 28/03/1991 and Ministerial Decree 314 of 23/05/1992 state that only companies with Ministerial Authorization can install, test, and maintain telecommunication systems and supply customers with the necessary documentation.

• Authorization to design and maintain electrical and electronic systems pursuant to Legislative Decree 37/2008 of 22/01/2008 (under Law 46/90), making it mandatory to comply with safety regulations and ensure that equipment is environment-friendly.

Business ethics

By acting correctly we will be even more successful   

Some time ago, NAeS solutions adopted its own Code of Ethics as a fundamental element of the Organizational and Management Model (under Legislative Decree No. 231 of 8th June 2001).

The Code identifies and establishes the set of principles and rules that must be followed by all members of staff in order for the company to be reliable and enjoy a good reputation. 

The Code of Ethics is the benchmark for the company's success and it embodies our corporate culture, business principles and ethics in all activities.

It covers: 

• Business operations
• Work environment
• Business conduct
• Conduct in private life