Sentirsi protetti

un bisogno primordiale,

da sempre

A reasonable certainty: prevention is possible

Security is aimed at actively monitoring and protecting people, assets and environments against different types of risk, whether of human origin or force majeure. Even before integrating technologies and hardware, a modern approach to security requires the integration of the people responsible for these aspects.

NAeS solutions offers strongly integrated solutions based on this new philosophy, which combines all subsystems and all alarms in one centralized management.  

The acquisition, processing and distribution of data is a fundamental element of such systems. 

NAeS solutions propone soluzioni fortemente integrate secondo questa nuova filosofia, che vede riuniti in un’unica gestione centralizzata tutti i sottosistemi e tutti gli allarmi.

Elemento fondamentale in tali sistemi è l’acquisizione, l’elaborazione e la diffusione delle informazioni.

Access control
and management systems

• Access management systems

• Attendance monitoring systems

Anti-intrusion systems

• Anti-intrusion systems

Video-surveillance systems

• Video-surveillance systems

Smoke detection systems

• Smoke detection systems

• Gas detection systems

Fire extinguishing systems

• Water-based systems

• Inert gas-based systems

• Aerosol systems

Guided evacuation systems

• Guided evacuation systems

• Public address systems

Anti-theft tag security systems

• Anti-theft tag security systems