A new way of living
and inhabiting space:

security, confort 
e energetic saving 


Intelligenza voce del verbo dialogare

Designing a building today means making systems capable of interacting with one another, to co-exist in order to increase efficiency, safety, comfort and energy-saving.

Air conditioning and heating systems must be able to operate when and where needed. Safety systems, always at the ready, must activate only in an emergency.

Electricity must be supplied only on demand. 

The common denominator is the presence of people inside the building.

Everything must operate automatically, excluding the possibility of human error, but be constantly monitored; its management must be simple and flexible.

NAeS solutions has identified a series of interoperable systems by means of open communication protocols. It has chosen to develop its knowledge toward the KNX (Konnex) system, which is the technological benchmark for Domotics and Building Automation today.

Air conditioning and heating systems

Comfort and savings combined, today this is possible

For a heat technician, ensuring comfort in any location and any situation constitutes a big challenge. Added to this today is the need to maximize equipment efficiency in order to contain operating costs. In collaboration with qualified partners, NAeS is able to provide high-tech solutions focusing particularly on system interoperability.

Power distribution

A building's Power is Motive Power   

In an intelligent building, power distribution is the engine of the entire system.

It must operate safely and be monitored constantly. Data that is automatically gathered and analyzed must be capable of providing valuable information on energy efficiency.

Careful planning represents an important investment for the future. 

Lighting systems

Discover what light can do

Artificial lighting technology has come on enormously in recent years, both from an energy-saving angle and in terms of applications. Today specific technologies exist for every area of use, capable of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

Controlling light is the solution to increasing staff productivity in the office, to improving the perceived quality of a product in supermarkets and to providing comfort in hospitals.

NAeS solutions is able to offer lighting solutions in partnership with top manufacturers, developing business plans that guarantee results. 

Access control and management systems

Who enters and who doesn't


The access control and management system is at the heart of any intelligent building. Its purpose is to increase security and optimize the management of energy consumption.

The presence of people must make it possible to activate or deactivate security systems and to switch lighting or air conditioning on or off.  It must be possible to reconfigure the system using customized settings, safely but also simply. 

Security systems

Prevenire è possibile

Protecting the perimeter of a property or just a private area has become a real necessity.

Feeling safe anywhere is certainly an important factor in an individual's wellbeing.  In an intelligent building the activation of protective barriers no longer depends on the operator. The system communicates with the access management function, checks for the presence of people and, based on the credentials of those present at that moment in that particular area, decides whether to alarm security barriers.

Supervision systems

Intelligence, part of the verb to dialogue


The supervision system controls the intelligent building. The greater the complexity of the building, the greater the interaction will be between the various systems. There will be more checks to carry out and systems will be less flexible.

Supervision based on actual requirements guarantees efficient, long-term use.