Our goal: be present
with all media


Meeting together, listening, sharing

The real value of NAeS solutions in providing consultancy services is its approach to Customers' needs.

A good solution requires an up-to-date overview of technological developments and the ability to integrate in high-performance, reliable and sustainable systems. 

In fact, the key-word is “integration” and the challenge facing NAeS solutions is to achieve its goals with a view to consolidating what already exists and interacting with the new. 


Give us a lever, and we shall raise the quality of the space

Design teams follow a tried and tested procedure that embraces all phases upstream of implementation: analyzing requirements, site visits and layouts; a technical report and, finally, a price quotation.

One of the characteristics of NAeS solutions is its complete independence from manufacturers: apart from consolidated relationships with various technological partners, NAeS solutions bases its choices on selecting the best performing, most reliable and competitive products for a specific project

Works management

If you have to do something, do it well

Thanks to our proficiency in Project Management, direct on-site experience and constant updates as regards changes in regulations and legislation, NAeS solutions is able to guarantee that work will be carried out in keeping with security/safety regulations, within the time and budget agreed and with quality control procedures being implemented in relation to operations. 

Technical support and maintenance

The watchword: zero stops

Technical support and maintenance are among the strengths of NAeS solutions, recognized by customers and partners alike.

Being able to count on optimum performance and complete efficiency, even in the long-term, means above all preserving the value of the investment over time.

NAeS solutions can supply Customers with stocks of materials and coordinate technical support and maintenance throughout Italy, using highly specialized technical staff. Our technicians work either on-site during preset hours or using remote controls via remote support.


Without man, machines will never exceed man

For us, training is an integral part of every project.  Indeed, the overall quality of our work depends on the degree of self-sufficiency achieved by users in the day-to-day running of equipment.

The training path, content of know-how and people involved are established at the start of our work. Technical training courses begin while work is being carried out, so as to shorten the running-in period as far as possible. 

Network Operation Center

All Under control

Knowing in real time that something is starting to malfunction means being able to anticipate the solution or prevent greater damage.

NAeS solutions offers a round the clock monitoring service and remote support capable of supervising the performance, reliability and availability of our Customers' systems

The platform available makes it possible to assess the functionality of systems, both in terms of hardware, with testing of network nodes and system resources, and in terms of services and applications.