Il futuro spinge verso
orizzonti di semplicità

IP convergence

The future is pressing on towards simplicity

Data, voice and image integration in the network infrastructure today is so complex and diversified, that in the space of a few years it has become the real common denominator of information systems. System intelligence is gradually shifting from the computer to the network. Most of the time, the equipment in operation is the critical factor for functionality. Therefore, it has become necessary to focus attention on the sizing, monitoring and protection of network systems.

This changing setting also includes the other great challenge for infrastructure networks: pressure on corporate communication.  Nowadays, companies need to control costs and require solutions facilitating the mobility of people who gravitate around several offices within the same organization: teleconferencing, remote working, e-learning, landline/mobile phone integration and the web.

NAeS solutions faces up to these challenges with economically competitive solutions, using a gradual, scalable approach to existing systems, taking an accurate picture of all requirements, identifying critical technical factors and proposing sustainable solutions.

Skill areas include:

• LAN, WAN and MAN devices with wired and wireless technologies

• Voice over IP and IP Phone Unified Communications, Contact Center, Mobility Phone, CTI Integration and CRM, IP Application Phone

• Video and Audio over IP, Video Communications, Video Surveillance, Video Streaming, Web TV and Company TV.

Structured cabling systems

Wiring is the key to excellence   

Technological applications that are constantly evolving require increasingly higher transmission bandwidths. Infrastructures must guarantee development in terms of performance, reliability and security.

Copper and fiber optic structured cabling systems, acting as passive infrastructure for data transmission, significantly impact on overall network performance.

These require correct planning, the choice of appropriate products capable of guaranteeing technological evolution and special care during installation.

Furthermore, NAeS solutions specializes in the design and installation of intelligent cabling systems. These are technological solutions capable of controlling data exchange, reducing human error, rack clutter and above all updating data in real time.

Skill areas include:

Cat.  5E, 6, 6A, 7, 7 copper cabling systems 
• MM and SM fiber optic cabling systems
• Pre-connectorized copper and fiber optics systems
• Intelligent cabling systems
Digital signage

Electronic posters, a new way to communicate   

Digital signage is the new form of communication increasingly found in high-traffic areas.  

This technology is used to carry information, advertising and multimedia content simultaneously, at low cost, via displays of any size that can be installed anywhere.

NAeS solutions offers itself as a partner, designing and installing hardware and software systems for managing multimedia content, even in complex environments such as railway stations and airports, both indoors and outdoors. 

Skill areas include:

• Software platforms
• Displays
• Advertising totems
• Video walls
Multi-function rooms

Without a stage there is no theatre

In lecture halls, auditoria, convention areas, meeting rooms, whenever communication generates business, multimedia equipment plays a key role.

Creating multi-function environments means integrating audio, video, internet and automation, using high-profile professional systems. Only a high level of performance will guarantee effective usage by users.

As well as being ineffective in terms of communication, poor quality videoconferencing will discourage its take-up.

Skill areas include:

• Audio and video distribution
• Environmental acoustics processing
• Technical lighting
• Automation
• Simultaneous translation systems